Tweets of the Week: Poland Fines, EU Lingo, Brussels Filming

Poland in the dock over rule of law, EU lingo sticks in the craw, and EU bubble greets film crew with awe.

It’s been a long time coming, but this week the European Commission finally took Poland to Court over failure to respect the rule of law.

“We are requesting financial penalties for non-respect of interim measures and asking for the full implementation of the judgment of 15 July,” explained Justice Commissioner, Didier Reynders.

Well better late than never I suppose.


As Laurent Pech pointed out, it has taken almost 6 years of repeated, deliberate violations of Polish & European law to see the start of meaningful legal actions as well as financial action.

Oh yes, it’s not just the court that Poland is being slapped with.


Jakub Jaraczewski reminded everyone that while this is happening, the Commission is also withholding Covid-19 recovery funds. A double-whammy from the Berlaymont.

The Commission seems to be finding its long lost spine snarked, Daniel Kelemen.

In a “Community based on the rule of law”, even a weak, Member State-driven Commission has no choice but to act, said Alberto Alemanno.

This episode is supported by the European Liberal Forum. This week executive director Daniel Kaddik highlighted their Liberal White Book 2030, which aims to help shape a more free and prosperous Europe. Join the launch event on September 23rd at

Here at #EUTweets of the Week, we love a bit of euro-jargon, but Commissioner Maros Sefcovic’s presser on Wednesday was pure magic. An intense medley of meaningless and pretentious technocratic babble, said Diego Velazquez. Adding “strategical” to every second word doesn’t make good politics and policy, he said.

Tsk, tsk Diego. It is “forward-looking and multidisciplinary”. Not to mention “structured, systematic and systemic” chided Bruno Waterfield.

Nick Gutteridge thinks it is a thing of pure beauty.

Whatever you’re reading at the moment, put it away. Read this. Then read it again, urged Christoph Schmidt

Eh, no. No chance.


American EU Dude thinks the logo is “a little creepy.” 

He’s not wrong.


Oh well, I suppose it will get us all in the mood for the State of the EU address

Finally this week, they say Politics is just showbiz for ugly people, but judging by the over the top excitement that greeted a film crew in the Schuman quarter this week, that isn’t quite true.

If they had the blue and yellow barriers it would be a far more realistic Brussels road closure, said Ben Thom.

Too sunny as well added Jennifer Rankin. They should come back on a drizzly day in December.

Otto Ilveskero reckons the setting needs more opened up streets and construction site barriers to be realistic.

Stanley Pignal thinks it looks like Season 8, “Negotiation of the Lisbon Treaty (Part II)”

Gee, exciting.


It was quite funny seeing the producers trying to keep the actual EU officials off the set and separate from the indistinguishable ‘EU official’ extras, tweeted Naomi O’Leary.

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