Tweets of the Week: Quarantined VDL, Barless Brussels, Happy Commissioner Reshuffle

Ursula Von der Leyen is all on her own, Brussels becomes a booze-free zone and the reshuffled Commission is what we’d already known. 

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On Monday European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen announced that she had “participated in a meeting attended by a person who tested positive for COVID-19” and was therefore self-isolating pending a second negative test.

Giving the EU-In-Paintings account the opportunity to use this image.

“Given that her flat is literally at the office, she won’t even be able to enjoy the only pleasure of self-isolation: loud Netflix and music,” said MEP Assistant expressing 

full solidarity.

Le Chou Imagined an Isolated Von Der Leyen Spotted Barking Orders At Her Commissioners From the Berlaymont HQ Roof 

In reality, VDL was out of isolation in time for her birthday on Thursday. 

The European Commission in France sent their congratulations.

DG DEVIS wished the leader a happy birthday with this splendid Sentinel2 image of Brussels.

But Pablo Perez pulled out all the stops, by reminding everyone of that time Hugh Jackman picked up the European Commission President and carried her on set!

However if VDL feels like letting her hair down this evening in Brussels, she’s out of luck as it was announced that Brussels Bars would have to shut down for one month to combat the spread of COVID19.

However restaurants will be allowed to remain open as Euractiv’s Alexandra Brzozowski reported.

Martini Seltzermayr wasn’t phased saying he was “looking forward to going out to a “restaurant” dinner of six pints and a packet of crisps”

This is not a drill tweeted Dave Clark

But Berlaymonster was already prepared for #lockdown2


As is Jorge Valero

But Michelle O’Neill only found out when her husband came in the door from the shops at 11am with boxes of wine and beer!

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Finally this week, the European Parliament has approved the appointment of Mairead McGuinness as Commissioner and Executive Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis’s change of portfolio.

Former MEP McGuinness was confirmed to take over the role of Ireland’s Commissioner by a landslide 583 votes to 37.

She thanked her colleagues in the Parliament and said she was looking forward to the final step by the European Council 

An eagle-eyed Sam Morgan noticed that – GASP – the @MaireadMcGMEP twitter handle was already gone to be replaced with @McGuinnessEU. 

You know who to follow!


Meanwhile Valdis Dombrovskis also comfortably got the THUMBS UP for the EUTrade portfolio

by  515 votes to 110.

Showing a rare moment of amusement! Leading DG MEME to conclude that an update is needed

But MEP Assistant isn’t convinced called it the “best deepfake in forever.”

That’s it for another week join me next Friday for more deep fakes and hot takes in the Brussels Bubble twittersphere.

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