Tweets of the Week: Queen Merkel, Brexit Extension, Parliament Robberies

Angela Merkel is hailed as a wonder, the world stays alert for the next Brexit blunder, and burglars in Parliament make off with MEP plunder


You can’t possibly have missed it! On Wednesday, Germany took over the rolling EU presidency and in Berlin the Brandenburg Gate was lit up to mark the occasion.


Cue lots of Twitter throwbacks to 13 years ago, when Germany took over the Presidency of the Council. And Angela Merkel was Chancellor. Plus ca change!


You don’t need to speak French to wear the crown tweeted Jack Parrock


As David Carretta dubbed Merkel Queen Europe


Sadly the QueenEurope parody account was curiously silent on the matter. C’mon satirists, step up your game!


Meanwhile Jennifer Rankin said it was hard to think of a politician more different to Boris Johnson as Merkel told the Bundestag that “Progress in Brexit talks is, to put it cautiously, very limited.”


And speaking of Brexit, at midnight on Wednesday the option for the United Kingdom to extend the transition period expired.


David Allen Green urged people to BRACE for the worst on 31 December as

there are currently no alternative arrangements in place.


However Brexiteer Lance Forman thinks that calls for a celebration.


Femi said that Boris Johnson’s NewDeal sounds a lot like turning the UK into a corporate tax haven post Brexit.


And this, folks, explained Berlaymonster is the real reason the EU is insisting on the Level Playing Field.


Finally this week, pilfering in the Parliament!


At least 50 MEPs had their offices burgled while the building was virtually empty, during lockdown.


Thieves had an easy time of it, said Dave Keating, but how’d they get in, when even journos and assistants couldn’t enter, he asked.


MEP Nico Semsrott exposed the thievery on YouTube, but said that neither the European Parliament nor its president, David Sassoli, seems to care. 


Before distributing some amusing security signs. 


The thieves mostly made off with tablets, computers and other valuables, but papers were rifled through as well


Leading Sam Morgan to query:“Where did you last see your right to legislative initiative?”


Spoof account Martini Seltzermayr was unmoved: thieves have been taking items from within MEPs’ offices, desks and skulls for “weeks if not years” he said.


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