Tweets of the Week: Rentrée, Phil Hogan, Merkel on Navalny

Happy September it’s good to be back, except for Big Phil, ‘cause he got the sack, and Angela Merkel condemns novichok attack.

Rentree is in full swing … albeit with a slight difference this year.

As Fabienne Keller pointed out “It’s clear and simple: wearing a mask considerably reduces the risk of transmission of COVID19.

Pity it can’t do anything about a bursting inbox…

Check out Alessandro Gropelli’s 30,000 emails!

At the Commission, President Ursula von der Leyen said she was glad to see her team of commissioners back and getting ready for the intense months ahead. 

Discussing fresh ideas for:

-Protecting citizens and economies in #COVID19 times

-Leading green and digital transitions

-Making Europe stronger in the world

However Peter Mueller pointed out that the commissioners from Bulgaria, Romania and Malta were not there because… COVID.

They obviously don’t want to do a “Phil Hogan”

Ah yes, the story of the summer could only be #Golfgate.

Although as Markus Preiss pointed out, it’s a bit rich that Hogan had to go because he didn’t comply with COVID lockdown rules, while the EU Parliament is seriously considering sending 700 MEPs plus assistants, staff and journalists from Brussels to Strasbourg!

But Jorge Valero reported that the European Parliament is warning journalists that “due to the quickly changing situation” the mid-September plenary session may not take place in Strasbourg and there’s a 50-50 chance VDL’s 1st ‘state of the EU’ speech will be in Brussels.

But back to Big Phil: 

New account, Le Chou, snarked: EU Commission warns kids: if you say Phil Hogan’s name three times in the mirror he will appear.

Ever dependable, Martini Seltzermayr held a poll asking who would be the next trade commissioner: 

Phil Hogan with a moustache


idk, Dombrovskis maybe? or

A bag of soybeans 

The winner of course was Number three.

And as Dombrovskis takes care of trade, the frontrunners to replace Hogan as Ireland’s representative are current Foreign Affairs minister, Simon Coveney, and MEPs Mairead McGuinness and  Frances Fitzgerald.


However Berlaymonster reckoned the ballsy move would be for the Irish to poach Tony Abbott to replace Hogan.


Finally this week, the German government confirmed that Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny was poisoned with nerve agent. 


Merkel says Navalny’s poisoning is “a crime” that “raises questions only the Russian Government can and must answer.”


Patrick Donahue said they were forceful words (for her). “The intent was to silence him,” she continued. “I condemn this to the greatest possible extent.”


Nicolas Veron also praised Merkel’s leadership.


Council President Charles Michel also condemned the poisoning “in the strongest possible terms.”  

“Russia must fully investigate and justice must be served.”


And VDL tweeted that it was “a despicable and cowardly act – once again.” 

I have the feeling that a lot of calculated thought went into this “- once again” said Sam Morgan.

You and me both Sam!

That’s it for this Friday, join me again next week for more snarks and larks in the Brussels bubble Twittersphere.

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