Tweets of the Week: Rule of Law, Brexit mascot and vaccine efficacy claims

Hungary and Poland scupper rule of law aims, Brexit talks seem to be going down in flames, and vaccines efficacy sparks spurious claims!

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Whatever EU solidarity there was as a result of the Covid crisis didn’t last long as Hungary and Poland blocked the EU budget over democratic rule-of-law conditions.

Hungary leader Viktor Orban’s spokesman said it was “because we cannot support the plan as it runs contrary to the July Council conclusions.”

However the EPP Group, of which his party is a member, reconfirmed its full and unanimous support to the #RuleofLaw mechanism and the multiannual financial framework as agreed between the European Parliament and the Council. 

“The rule of law is not the enemy,” said EPP chairman Manfred Weber,

But Renew MEP Katalin Cseh said that Orban just blew up the EU budget deal, jeopardizing a lifeline for struggling families and businesses across Europe, and asked the EPP if they had any red lines.

While Maria Udrescu said his words were “Too little too late.”


It seems Hungary, Poland, and the EPP want to have it both ways!

It’s Brexit crunch time again… when wasn’t it?

The Dutch blue Brexit monster is back, spreading awareness and amusement on behalf of the Dutch govt.

In his latest video Brexy gets up, has a shower and makes what appears to be a British fry up!

According to one report, Brexy makes a more patriotic breakfast than The Telegraph’s James Crisp!

You heard it here first folks!

I have no idea what the Brexit muppet is supposed to represent but I’m glad he’s now part of our lives said Evan O’Connell

But Simon Usherwood called bullshit saying it is “Completely unrealistic: this Brexit seems to have its shit very together”

In contrast, I’m getting lots of targeted ads from the UK government to “prepare for the UK transition” that mysteriously never mention Brexit, said Jennifer Rankin.

Meanwhile the actual Brexit talks themselves seem to be going nowhere. Berlaymonster predicted the latest briefing from 10 to two minutes past 10 should cover it!

This week we are supported by the European Forum. 

The fourth annual European Forum is currently taking place online, bringing together Europe’s three progressive political families to discuss responses to the challenges currently facing the EU as well as the next EU Budget & Recovery Package. Don’t miss the closing of the Forum on 28th November.

Finally, there has been some good news this week, a new vaccine developed by Moderna is claimed to be 94.5%. 

But in a game of international one-upmanship, Pfizer and BioNtech said their vaccine is now 95%.

Not to be outdone Russia said it’s vaccine was 92% effective.

Cue Twitter doing what it does best…

Russia’s #SputnikV vaccine tests 107% effective!! claimed Darth Putin.

Katie Martin, said oh yeah well my vaccine is eleventy million per cent effective!

Sam Morgan added “My vaccine is 97% effective but she goes to another school, so you don’t know her.”

Number 10 cat had his own spurious claim: Boris Johnson is a competent leader who is a delight to live with.

While Le Chou imagined that Charles Michel being Voted Most Boring EU Personality, would have that claim disputed by Valdis Dombrovskis.



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