Tweets of the Week: Ryanair grounding, Shell lawsuit, CAP reform

Ryanair flight forced down, CAP reform’s final round,  Shell legally bound

At the weekend, an actual passenger flight was taken out of the sky by Belarus authorities so they could arrest and charge a journalist who says stuff they don’t like.

BREAKING! The regime landed a Ryanair  plane flying from Athens to Vilnius to arrest Belarusian journalist Roman Protasevich  he faces the death penalty tweeted Franak Viačorka 

Posting a picture of the insane flight path the plane took, Hanna Liubakova said It looked very suspicious. If this was the demand of the Belarusian regime to land in Minsk, then it should draw the attention of the international community

And attention it did draw.


The outrageous and illegal behaviour of the regime in Belarus will have consequences.

Those responsible for the hijacking must be sanctioned. Tweeted European Commission president von der Leyen.

The Beeb’s Steve Rosenberg tweeted the divisions in the global reaction though

EU/US/UK/NATO = shock, condemnation

Russia = “shocked that the West calls it shocking” 

Ryanair’s first statement on the matter got quickly amended as per Liz Sly. Ryanair’s “Nothing untoward” being changed to “an act of aviation piracy.”

Alan Beattie gave them the benefit of the doubt – Probably just a style guide thing he said.

And in what was a stellar week for online flight path websites – Michael Birnbaum showed that Ryanair was to start with at least astoundingly still flying over Belarusian airspace.

Hijack me once, shame on you 

Hijack me twice, find another airline to fly with said Sam Morgan.

Le Chou suggested we’ll all have to start paying a new Ryanair fee – €10 To Avoid Being Handed Over To Belarusian Authorities



Now here’s a Tweet to put in the “wish I’d never sent basket”

 European Transport Commnissioner Adina Valean called it great news for families and friends of people onboard the Ryanair flight had taken off from Minsk – Ummm yeah…apart from Raman Pratasevich and his girlfriend Sofia Sapega and their families right?

Commissioner of Happy Kidnappings said Deniz Yücel calling her out.

So moving on – It’s the final cap down! Tweeted MEP Thomas Waitz  branding the discussions with a new term –  the Jumbotrilogue aka negotiations between Member States, Commission and European Parliament taking place.

The Berlaymonster got it

*Morgan Freeman voice*

“And so, as happens every four or five years, in a dance as old as time, the EU puts on its elaborate and largely futile CAP reform ceremony…”

And Christoph Smidt found the beauty in it all.

Fantastic Rembrandtesque picture by @Reuters of today’s #agrifish council in Brussels 

And Euractiv’s own Natasha Foote tweeted this brilliant video saying – An accurate representation of @EURACTIV’s busy bees unpacking the #CAPreform negotiations on the live blog.

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And finally A Dutch court ruled that the oil giant Shell has a legal responsibility to cut greenhouse gases. 

 The decision could have consequences for the rest of the fossil fuel industry reported Ewa Krukowska

“The court understands that the consequences could be big for Shell,” Jeannette Honée, a spokeswoman for the court, “But the court believes that the consequences of severe climate change are more important than Shell’s interests” reported John Schwartz.

Delighted by the ruling, Dr. Genevieve Guenther  said oh my god, we might actually win this fight and survive.

And Brian Khan tweeted this simpsons still of BP watching Exxon, Chevron, and Shell.

That’s all for this episode – Jennifer will be back with you for more snarks and larks in the Brussels bubble next week.


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