Tweets of the Week: Sanctions, Tears, Football


On Wednesday, European Union diplomats approved new sanctions against Belarus for its supporting role in the invasion.


Meanwhile Switzerland decided to forgo its commitment to neutrality and impose sanctions on Russia, along the same lines as the EU.


You know you fucked up when Switzerland chooses a side against you, tweeted Efe.


Or perhaps it’s when the Eurovision Song Contest bans you.


Or tiktok


Or Facebook


Or PornHub! Instead of porn, users now see flags in support for Ukraine. 


BREAKING: Russia banned from reality. Global peace achieved, snarked another account.


On Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed the European Parliament live from Kyiv: “We are fighting for our rights, our freedoms, our lives, and currently – for our survival,” he said.


Causing one interpreter to choke up.


I’ve got something in my eye… again, agreed Simon Lumsden.


Zelenskyy also sent Ukraine’s formal EU membership application.


If we lost the UK, but gained Ukraine, that’s ok in Tine Rassalle’s book.


Ans even as Georgia also applied for membership



DG Meme dropped the sarcasm to pour cold water on the whole idea


And proving that there’s still room for satire, Le Chou reported Charles Michel Congratulating Wrong Georgia On EU Application Bid


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On Monday FIFA and UEFA suspended Russia from all international football, including the men’s 2022 World Cup and women’s Euro 2022.


Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich says he is selling the club with “net proceeds” to go to charitable foundation to help victims of war in Ukraine


Sounds good in theory, but some thought the phrase “Net proceeds” was a little suspect.


Darryl Cunningham reckons it’s just Abramovich beginning Operation Save Ass.


While others were wondering, wait, what about the yachts, dude?



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