Tweets of the Week: Sibiu Summit, Juncker, and the Royal Baby

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Sibiu earns international fame, Jean Claude Juncker takes some of the blame and the Royal baby is given a name.

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This week we marked Europe Day and Commission Spokesperson Mina Andreeva couldn’t think of a better place to celebrate it than in Sibiu.

Lucky her, because it seems like half of Brussels has decamped to the Romanian city for the duration.

The European leaders will discuss the EU agenda for next 5 years and plan for upcoming EU leadership change.

Martini Seltzermayr took umbrage at the Road to Sibiu hashtag saying.. It’s not the road to Sibiu if you’re already in Sibiu.

Sam Morgan was also on hand with the details that really matter: The driver of his Bucharest-Sibiu shuttle bus is a big Beautiful South fan

Looks like you better get used to it Sam… with traffic like that:

Told you everyone was there!

Euronews’ Darren McCaffrey pointed out that for the first time in ages Brexit was NOT on the agenda. Just the EU 27 minus Theresa May.

But when asked by Adam Fleming‏, Commission President Jean Claude Juncker said he was “missing her!”

Elsewhere this week, Juncker came to the Berlaymont press room and issued a mea culpa saying he wished he hadn’t listened to former Britism PM David Cameron when he asked Europe to stay out of the Brexit referendum.

He also took credit for “saving Greece.”
Alex Pigman‏ was not impressed.
“This Juncker presser is actually a swan song by a lame duck commissioner,” he tweeted.

But in one of his more quotable lines Juncker joked: “Nobody understands England but everybody understands English.”

Prompting even American EU Dude to say, “Let’s be honest, we’re all gonna miss the dude.”

None more so than @EURACTIV’s veteran reporter GeorgiGotev, to whom the President sang happy birthday during the midday briefing.

Finally this week the UK has managed to deliver something… yes, it’s Royal baby time!

And amid rumours that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry planned to choose an unusual name for the baby that unifies the US and UK

Twitter went nuts!

Don-Claude suggested Jennifer Rankin

Baby McBabyface was also a hot favourite.

It would be nice if Harry and Meghan could call the baby Brexit said Alastair Campbell. “Then we can say we have delivered Brexit, get on with the rest of our lives and get back to being a serious country again.”

But in the end they plumped for Archie…

Of course baby Archie is already dominating the headlines: BBC website top stories running order: 1 royal baby 2 royal baby 3 royal baby 4 royal baby 5 royal baby 6 royal baby 7 humans “threaten 1 million species with extinction”…

Not a good look.

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