Tweets of the Week: Slovenian Presidency, Hungarian Ad, Football Euphoria

Slovenian presidency could be a free-for-all, Viktor Orban still has some gall, and we are all still very excited about football.

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Yesterday Slovenia took over the six-month rolling presidency of the European Council.

Its motto isTogether. Resilient. Europe,” but, um, how shall I put this? There are … issues.

Namely, Trumpist PM, Janez Janša who likes to troll think tankers on Twitter and doesn’t much like democracy said Sophie Pornschlegel – controversial might prove an understatement.

Émilie Vanderhulst foresees a long 6 months ahead!

Slovenia is also the only participating Member State that has yet to send its candidates to the European Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Just got this invitation to the Slovenian EU presidency press junket snarked American EU Dude.

Meanwhile on her way to Slovenia, Commission Vice President Vera Jourova was looking forward to the discussions on #RuleofLaw, including media freedom and pluralism, and also on the cooperation with the Slovenian Presidency.

Is that…”shade”?


Staying with Europe’s mini Trumpesque dictators. Hungary’s Viktor Orban has published anti-EU sponsored content in far right-wing Spanish press. Much to the alarm of many including Alberto Alemanno.

How much did Orbán pay to disseminate his anti-Europe propaganda in European newspapers? Asked Valerie Hayer.

MEP Assistant would be curious to see Orban’s reaction if Rutte, Merkel or Macron bought a full page in a Hungarian newspaper to push back against his vision of Europe and illiberal democracies.

But for that you’d first need some free Hungarian media.

Indeed, having bought up all critical news outlets in Hungary, the Orbán regime is now trying to buy media space in newspapers across the continent. 

Léonie de Jonge is compiling a list to see who does and doesn’t do Orbán’s bidding.

But fair play to TheTimesofMalta, for defending fundamental rights and turning down Viktor Orban’s advert.

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Finally this week… FOOTBALL!


The biggest match of the week was England-Germany… biggest match in over half a decade if you’re English!


But congrats to the England team for an emphatic win, less support to the England fans who booed the German national anthem.

As Jack Parrock said, it was hard to watch.

Rafael Behr’s prediction is that the post-Brexit narrative demands a Belgium-England final that includes a couple of really protracted VAR reviews, goes into extra time and ends in penalties.

I’d be totally up for that!

Berlaymonster’s half time analysis meanwhile was rudimentary at best!

Lots of kicks, some nice running about. No best kicks yet in the goal that the goalman doesn’t stop.

The other big flashpoint was France Switzerland! And Giuseppe Famà discovering that he’s been living in a Swiss district of Brussels as the Swiss knocked the French out.

Laura Shields didn’t even watch the football just listened to the joyful yelling in the neighbourhood.

Is it me or is Belgium celebrating more France losing than their own victory? Asked Beatriz Rios.

Bea, it’s not you.

Katy Lee shared this entirely scientific data analysis.

In fact, I think that might be an official Eurobarometer graphic!


That’s it for another week.

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