Tweets of the Week: SOTEU, Forest Cities, Good Friday Agreement

In her state of the union, VDL aims to please, Trump thinks Vienna is nothing but trees and Dominic Raab has us all thinking jeez!

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There was really only one story in town this week. Yup,  VDL’s State of the Union address.

Dave Clarke couldn’t resist the obvious annual gag:

The absolute state of it

Maybe next year we can retire this so-called “joke”.

Berlaymonster interpreted the standard “check against delivery” note as an “Open invitation by VDL to hold her to account.”

Never one to tolerate a few minutes’ tardiness, The Telegraph’s James Crisp declared: Europe isn’t working.

Speaking truth to power there James!

Sam Morgan was more subtle with his SOTEU BINGO.

And believe me we all needed something to get us through the marathon.

79 minutes and 8,179 words long!

In the end, Von der Leyen broke Jean Claude Juncker’s record from 2015 by one minute.

“by this stage of the speech, tradition holds that it is now just the interns still tuning in and taking notes” narrated Berlaymonster.

This week we are supported by the European Sunlight Association, find out about the European indoor tanning industry’s commitments and objectives for the future and how maintaining healthy #vitaminD levels is crucial. 


This week US President Donald Trump surprised many – in particular Austrians – by claiming that people in Austria “live in the forest” and have “forest cities.” 

Apparently they also have “more explosive trees” than California, but don’t have the same kind of fire problems because they “thin the fuel.”

Uuuhh ok..

Peter Rabl shared a helpful map of Trump’s Vienna

But maybe this is what he’s thinking of suggested Simon Tartarotti

Meanwhile Austria’s most famous export, Arnold Schwarzenegger, joked you could learn more about his “home country’s explosive forests live” as well as concrete solutions for building the clean energy jobs of the future and protecting our people from pollution.

Nicely played sir!

Truly America First. Austria Forester quipped one Tweeter.

Staying state-side, former MEP Molly Cato, pointed out the embarrassing consequence of a few days of anti-diplomacy by British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab

As US Presidential candidate Joe Biden tweeted that “We can’t allow the Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to Northern Ireland to become a casualty of Brexit.”

Emma DeSouza shared this video of Raab responding to the question “Have you read the Good Friday Agreement?” with “I haven’t sat down, and started from the beginning and gone through it.”

That would be a “no” then Dominic!

For background, the Good Friday Agreement is only thirty-five pages long — even if you take your time it’ll only take you 20 minutes.

Nonplussed, ahead of his meeting with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Raab said he wanted to explain the #GFA to her.

Ian McLean asked what next? Is he going to offer NASA some pearls of wisdom on space travel in the afternoon?

Jonathan Lis said “the worst part of this whole UK/US shitshow is Tory English nationalists incorrectly mansplaining the Good Friday Agreement to the specific Americans who helped broker it.”

Dr. Jennifer Cassidy was more direct, calling Raab “a disgrace,” and one of the greatest threats to peace there is.

Brian Maguire tweeted: “Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the one, the only, The Amazing Raab! Magician who makes real life disappear during US tour.”

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