Tweets of the Week: Strasbourg Return, Macron Slap, Cornwall Travel

MEPs are back in place, Macron gets slapped in the face, taking a plane, what a disgrace.

After a 15 month hiatus, MEPs are back in plenary in Strasbourg. 

Commission president Ursula von der Leyen was especially happy. “How good it is to be back in Strasbourg!” she tweeted – in French, of course.

Beatriz Ríos shared this snap of happy MEPs posing for a selfie in the plenary. 

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows with some additional COVID vaccines sprinkled on top. 

As Dave Keating reports, after talking to MEPs and EP staff who had to jump through testing and quarantine hoops in order to make the forced journey to Strasbourg this week, VDL seems to be in the minority in thinking its wonderful to be back.

And not everyone joined the travelling circus.

Interpreters stayed in Brussels because of the pandemic. Et voila, for some minutes, THE DEBATE WAS HELD IN ENGLISH ALONE, said Oliver Grimm, notably enjoying the irony. 

Alex Pigman said the session was suspended due to faulty microphones. The translators cannot hear what is happening on the floor in France.

Danny Kemp called it: Perfect. EU. metaphor alert

Anna Di Mario summed it up: 

What a success, this return. 

This episode is supported ESWET, in their third episode of the Beauty in the Beast they explore what happens to the waste, exported outside the EU. 

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Let’s stay in France but move a bit further south, where on Tuesday the news came out that —

Two people were arrested after French president Emmanuel Macron was slapped by a man during a walkabout in southeastern France. 

Friend and foe equally came out in support of the French president, with “potential” presidential rival and former Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier calling the

the aggression “unacceptable and unjustifiable. Public and democratic debates need respect. Certainly no violence or intolerance.

And the man has some experience in how to deal with a tricky opponent.


But attention quickly shifted from the slapped to the slapper because

Plot Twist 

The  Man who slapped Macron is a 28-year-old ‘medieval role-playing’ fan who lives with mother, tweeted Jack Posobiec. 

And Politico reported that his passionate interest included: Martial arts, Japanese pop culture, and the Middle Ages.

Though Martini Seltzermayr was quick to point out that Focusing on the Japanese pop fandom rather than the literal copy of Mein Kampf is an interesting choice

Speaking of interesting choices. 

The G7 are meeting in Cornwall where the world leaders will talk about tackling climate change. 

British PM Boris Johnson is hosting and – Jim Felton said it beautifully: 

He flew to fucking Cornwall to talk about climate change

That story again:

“Let’s build back greener” says man who just took a plane from London to Cornwall.

For those of you who don’t know, like me just earlier this morning, it’s a nice 420km distance. Or 5h car drive according to Google Maps. Or a train. I’m just saying, there’s options.

Henry Mance pointed out that

Greta Thunberg took a boat to New York. Boris Johnson took a plane to Cornwall.

Dave Clark assessed the situation as follows: 

2021: The green stuff in your salad should come from next door’s roof.

Also 2021: leaders should fly in from everywhere to pose behind a press release their sherpas agreed last week

Damon Wake suggested Rutte would have cycled

Frédéric Moreau challenged other leaders: 

What’s your ‘I’m going to Cornwall’ face?

But I don’t think anyone can beat Joe Biden’s.

And that’s it for today. 

Join us again next week, when Jen will be back with her snarks and larks from Brussels bubble twittersphere. 

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