Tweets of the Week: The Oscars, Yelizaveta Peskova, and Sharm el Sheikh

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Olivia Colman continues winning streak, Russian intern makes MEPs shriek, and leaders meet at Sharm el Sheikh.

I’d like to thank the Academy, my parents, god… yep, last Sunday was the Oscars and we all swooned as the wonderful Olivia Colman took the gong for best actress.

But Paul Dallison knows who the real power behind the throne is.

As the film The Favourite, was an Irish-UK-US co-production and received €50,000 in EU funding.

Many were amused at the EU “shamelessly claiming credit for Olivia Colman’s win”

Although in fact five EU-funded films were nominated across various categories pointed out Glen Keith Campbell

Former EU Commissioner for Culture, Androulla Vassiliou, said said she was very proud of the MEDIA programme.

And even European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, weighed in saying “we must support the European audio-visual sector.”

However an account called Jack did the math: The Favourite’s total budget was estimated at $15mn, making the $56k from the EU 0.0037% of the total budget.

This week we also learned that the daughter of Vladimir Putin’s spokesman is working as an intern in the European Parliament in Brussels.

MEP Petras Austrevicius revealed that Yelizaveta Peskova, the daughter of Dmitry Peskov, is a trainee with Aymeric (M-reek) Chauprade, a French radical MEP who has publicly supported the annexation of Crimea.

Christopher Miller pointed out this gives her unhindered access to various EU documents

Spoof account DG MEME rejoiced in the international appreciation our Parliament worldwide. No restrictions apply to whom MEPs hire, but maybe a few guidelines could be useful? #justsaying

Former Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves said he could name many smart young European citizens, especially from countries once subjugated by the USSR, whose daddies don’t wear €600,000 watches, who are far more deserving of a European Parliament internship.

Finally last weekend also saw the first EU Arab Summit at Sharm el Sheikh.

Commission President Jean Claude Juncker said he was grateful to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi for bringing the 49 European and Arab leaders together.

But when asked if he felt bad meeting so many dictators?
Juncker replied “yes, but if I only met crystal clear democrats, my weeks would be over by Tuesday.,” reported Markus Preiss.

That’s how you subtweet all 28 EU leaders simultaneously said Martini Seltzermeyr.

Donald Tusk said EU needs to “get real” about its relationship with the Arab world.

But ultimately the summit is about reaffirming, warm words rather than any concrete action added Darren McCaffrey‏.

Europenly said the presence of so many EU leaders at the summit reveals Europe’s interest in occupying a regional space that is beginning to be abandoned by the US.

Markus Preiss then asked why the EU is embracing Middle East strongmen?

But Lars Scholtyssyk took his hat off to Luxembourg PM Xavier Bettel who confronted Arab leaders with the fact that he is married to a man and would be persecuted in several of the participating countries.

And although Jucker did meet British Prime Minister Theresa May in Sharm El-Sheikh

Those hoping for a “deal in the desert” were to be disappointed.

Maybe they just wanted a change of scenery for the photo-op, suggested William Milam.

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