Tweets of the Week: The Year in Tweets

Welcome to Euractiv’s EU Tweets of the Year!


January 2020 seems eons ago

Carefree and naive, what the year had in store we still didn’t know


To be honest we were laughing at Bonging For Brexit

And then focused on royals as Meaghan then legs it. 

For a while we were obsessed with an overnight train,

Before a Macron outburst put Iraeli relations under strain.

In February Ireland held a general election

And eyes slowly started to swivel in China’s direction.


ECDC EU said COVID risk low, things are swell,

Yeah, that position hasn’t aged well.


Greta Thunberg slammed the Parliament like a Spanish inquisitor

But the first signs of doom appeared with a far less welcome visitor.

MEPs starting casting votes at a distance

And everyone was offering handwashing assistance


At the time we were glib and probably far too arch,

But do remember that was still just March!


By April we were bored and making our own art

Little did we know that was still just the start!

Karlsruhe court said the ECB can’t just write a blank cheque

But they’d reckoned without the supreme power of Star Trek

The row over Orban’s laws in Hungary stepped up a gear

But we’re only up to June – not even half a year!


Incredibly, it was news to some that BlackLivesMatter!

But across the continent statues started to shatter

The race was on for a Eurogroup chief 

While MEP Ming Flanagan kept things “brief” 

Germany took up the presidency in July

Brexit Transition Period expired – it really does mean goodbye.

August events are usually none,

But then Phil Hogan scored a hole in one

Beirut explosion left the world in mourning

After Navalny poisoning Merkel issued a warning

Many lined up to be Hogan’s successor 

While Internal market bill proved a key Brexit stressor!

In Moria, refugee camps were on fire

So the stakes in the migration pact just got higher

We’re in September now.

The First State of the Union was delivered by VDL

But the Council was canceled because of Covid, things weren’t going well

A Brexit border in Kent provided an outlet for mirth

Something sorely needed in what felt like the worst year on Earth.

By October Hungary wants Commissioner Jourova to resign

And Ursula von der Leyen goes into quaran-tine

Sorry, it was a busy month 😉

European Council struck a new Green deal

And Belgium got a government – are things starting to heal?

No. There was a big row over whether burgers could be veggie

And in Polish news, women’s rights protests got edgy

It was hottest November ever globally recorded

Maybe that’s why József Szájer’s party ended up getting so sordid

In December Ursula and Boris had dinner

But the results weren’t promising, with Brexit there’s really no winner.

Vaccine good news means we’ve a bit less to fear,

But I’m worried 2021 might be a bit “hold my beer!”

Still we wish you a festive break full of good cheer,

And don’t worry EU Tweets of the Week will be back early next year!

Have a good one.

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