Tweets of the Week: Trump in the UK, Farage in trouble, Commissioners in the Parliament?

Welcome to Euractiv’s #EUtweets of the week.

Trump protesters take to the streets, Farage must explain his receipts and Commissioners mull MEP seats.

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On Monday the US President Donald Trump – no, I’ll never get comfortable saying it – arrived in the UK for a state visit.


And as usual it seemed that Trump had difficulty distinguishing large numbers from small ones as he claimed there were “Tremendous crowds of well wishers”


As Chris MacKechnie pointed out: yeah, right!


“All those crowd barriers for nobody at all. Must remind him of his inauguration,” said Laura Wilson.


But never fear, he won’t feel lonely, because he’s brought his entire family of adult children and in-laws with him! And didn’t they look a picture.


A bit as though the Von Trapp kids grew up & sided with the Nazis tweeted Ben Wexler.


Luckily the protests were much more impressive.


The Trump baby blimp took to the skies once more.


Another highlight was a 16-foot robot Trump sitting on a golden toilet while tweeting.

American Don Lessem spent $25,000 of his own money to build it.


And the wonderful Led By Donkeys guerilla campaigners supplemented their usual billboards by turning Madame Tussaud’s into a giant USS John McCain baseball cap. 


But wait, there was a “huge” security issue as Larry the Downing St. cat sheltered under Donald Trump’s limo and refused to move, reported Bill Neely from NBCNews.


But what do you expect him to do, sit out in the rain?! Asked everyone’s favourite feline.


After the UK, Mr Trump took his roadshow to Ireland where he, uh, suggested that the Republic of Ireland is in the UK and that they’re planning to build a wall along the border with Northern Ireland.

Even Larry the cat despairs!


Another world-class agitator in the spotlight, again, this week was Nigel Farage – but not for the reasons he might like.


After the European Parliament’s Advisory Committee on the Conduct of Members decided to summon him to Brussels to explain himself over 450k pounds of allegedly undeclared gifts from British businessman Arron Banks or face being banned from Parliament.


As Jonathan Spink pointed out it is not the first time Farage has been in hot water over European Parliament expenses.


Farage was angry about what he called a “kangaroo court where I am given 24 hours notice about allegations picked up from press stories. I will not be attending at such short notice,” reported James Crisp.


According to Nick Gutteridge, he continued: “If they try to bar me from the building, who else gives voice to the thousands of people who voted for me? Is this democracy EU style?”


Labour MEP Richard Corbett was skeptical: “Now, why did he want to keep this massive financial support from Banks a secret?” he mused.

Finally, staying with the European Parliament, Brussels very own Game of Thrones continues apace as seats are taken up … and in some cases turned down.


Bulgaria’s Commissioner Mariya Gabriel has declined her MEP seat, and will ‘take the risk’ of staying on as commissioner until November


Lilyana Pavlova will take her place in the Parliament


Four other Commissioners with the same choice are Estonia’s Andrus Ansip, Romania’s Corina Crețu, Latvian Valdis Dombrovskis and the flying Dutchman Frans Timmermans. As Alex Pigman reminded us, they can’t do both.

Meanwhile Commission President Jean Claude Juncker urged member states NOT to send short-term replacements for any for the Commissioners who take up European Parliament seats, insisting there is not enough work for 28 Commissioners anyway.


Meanwhile Ryan Heath reported there’ll likely be around 450 completely new MEPs in next Parliament. That’s a 60% turnover.


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