Tweets of the Week: U.S Trade Tariffs, European Development Days and Penka the Cow

This week, real trade war now, European development days take a bow, and Europe unites to save Penka the cow.

As Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said, 31 May was a bad day for world trade as the US hit the EU, Canada and Mexico with trade tariffs.


Guy Verhofstadt agreed with Commissioner Malmstrom saying the US tariffs were “pure protectionism” and “illegal” under WTO rules.


German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas added that the only response to “America First” must be “Europe United”.


The Daily Mash had other ideas: suggesting the EU impose tariffs on fat American golfers.

Who could they be talking about?!

Weirdly, Nigel Farage came out in support of the Trump tariffs. Because, said Otto English, he’s a patriot in the same way that a heated fan oven is a reliable place to keep your ice cream.


Mike Galsworthy pointed out that back in 2003 when George W Bush tried the same thing, the EU rode to the rescue.


Dmitry Grozoubinski begged “please swipe right WTO, I just want someone to hold me and tell me my regulations are non-discriminatory.”


Anna Isaac thinks the tariff lists are starting to sound like beat poems.


And fashion icon Berlaymonster said “Pah, we don’t need your American jeans.
We have EUROPEAN jeans.”


This year’s European Development Days kicked off in Brussels on Tuesday with the hashtag “She is We” to highlight this year’s theme: women’s empowerment.


Some startling statistics came out:

In 37 countries, rapists are exempt from prosecution if they marry their victim.


Only 2% of all overseas development aid is spent on gender equality.


And 246 million school children experience Gender Based Violence every year.


Norwegian PM Erna Solberg said discrimination against women and girls belongs on the garbage heap of history along with racism and slavery.


And Rwandan President Paul Kagame added that it is up to leaders at every level to ensure that there is accountability for changing harmful societal norms.


And a cartoon competition illustrated neatly where we are at with gender equality.


Finally, the most pressing news of the week: PENKA THE COW!
Hashtag, save Penka. Hashtag, Pray for Penka.

A pregnant runaway cow from Bulgaria was condemned to death by officials after ‘illegally’ roaming across the border into Serbia.


Fortunately Telegraph hacks James Crisp and James Rothwell were immediately on the case and set up a petition!

“That cow is pregnant,” said Crisp. “I am taking EU out of the bubble and down to the level of real people with real problems.”


And BOOM the petition reached 10k signatures…


Presumably these people are all taking it very seriously and not having a laugh at all!

Some people did take it VERY seriously.

Roland Oliphant said Penka’s story goes to the heart of EU project, it’s future, and life in its neglected hinterlands.


Conservative MEP John Flack said “Penka the cow has demonstrated that the EU often lacks common sense and compassion.”

Richard Wellings agrees that “the plight of Penka is a perfect example of how laws drawn up by bureaucrats in Brussels can hurt ordinary people and animals.”


And Marie Le Conte pleaded: “Stop talking about the EU cow! I refuse to be made to care about the EU cow! Enough is enough!”


Rest easy Marie, the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry says Penka is safe and is on her way back home… through quarantine of course!


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That’s it for this week. Join me again next week for more moos, views and news.

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