Tweets of the Week: Vaccine diplomacy, massive boat stuck, lockdown

Vaccine diplomacy is going très mal, massive boat gets stuck in the Suez Canal, and lockdown is a blow to everyone’s morale.

Remember when Brexit was all we had to worry about? No me neither. Vaccine battles have firmly taken over as the grim topic of EVERY week. 

And so in this week’s developments….

On Wednesday the European Commission extended the scope of its export mechanism, introducing “reciprocity and proportionality.”


So what does that mean exactly? 

Well whatever you do, DON”T call it an “export ban”.

Spokesman Eric Mamer clarified: Reciprocity means asking whether the destination country restricts its own exports of vaccines or their raw materials, by law or other means.


We’re looking at you, UK.

But by the evening a thaw was on as the EU and UK issued a JOINT statement on vaccines promising to work together to deliver a “win, win situation”.


But then….

29 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine were found “hidden” in Italy after Italian authorities were tipped off by the European Commission.


Were they destined for the UK, or Belgium, or Covax countries… to be continued.

AstraZeneca CEO Says 30 Million Doses Found Hidden In Italy ‘Aren’t Even Mine. I Was Looking After Them For A Friend. Don’t Tell My Mum’ reported LeChou.


Elsewhere, about 10 percent of world trade has been at a standstill for 2 days after a, frankly, ridiculously large cargo ship managed to get itself stuck in the Suez canal. 

Truly it is 2021 in one image.


Matthew Champion noted that it took a … uh… circuitous route to disaster.


We are all, in our own little way, that ship said Chaz Hutton.


Berlaymonster imagined the Commission taking some glee:

See, not easy steering a massive unwieldy vehicle is it?




Many people also shared this pic of two men and a digger looking rather … ineffectual.


Cue new Twitter account registration “Guy With The Digger At Suez Canal”

Twitter, we love you.

Update: Managed to dig out good part of the bulbous thingy. It’s still stuck. 


And American EU Dude can just make out the bpost markings on those containers.


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In Germany, plans for a hard lockdown from 1-5 April were dropped in a dramatic u-Turn by the government.


Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted the failed plan was her mistake in a rare climbdown amid massive criticism of the government’s pandemic response.


The taz went with the Merkel Culpa headline.


Bruno Maçães asked Who would have guessed that the most politicised and chaotic Covid policy process would be found in Germany?


Meanwhile in Belgium, new restrictions mean non-essential shops will only be open by appointment, no more than groups of 4 can meet outdoors, and hairdressers and beauty salons will close entirely.


Beatriz Ríos, remarked by the time I can go to the hairdresser, I am going to look like Rapunzel…


Getting a haircut last week was a stroke of genius, said a smug Sam Morgan.


But Frédéric Moreau looks on the bright side: I can’t get a haircut then but I can get this delivered.


That’s it for this week. We’re taking an Easter break next week to go wild and do… nothing. Join us again in 2 weeks.

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