Tweets of the Week: VDL, The Rock, Rutte, Macron, and Berlaymont Banner Bags


Welcome to Euractiv’s EU Tweets of the Week.


VDL and The Rock will share a stage, Rutte and Macron are on the same page, and Berlaymont banner bags are now all the rage.


We truly do live in strange times. 


This Saturday, a unique evening’s entertainment will be organised by the European Commission and Global Citizen, and hosted by Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Commision President Ursula Von der Leyen.


Lucie McAnea described VDL and the Rock as “the duo I didn’t know I needed,” but she’s still not convinced 2020 isn’t a fever dream!


DG Meme thinks this #FaceApp filter is insane!


But Richard Gowan absolutely nailed it: “If @TheRock does not kick off this event by asking “Can EU smell what the Rock is cooking?” humanity has failed.

Mr Johnson, you have been warned.


Mehreen Khan is more interested in the synergy between VDL and Justin Bieber!


Now we know why his house looks like the European Parliament, said Diego Velazquez.


Wait! His house looks like the European Parliament!?


Google it.


We did.


Another pairing sparking much discussion this week was French President Emmanuel Macron and Dutch PM Mark Rutte as they met for a tête-à-tête over dinner.


Sadly they were not able to “cuddle”, reported the Dutch media.


Get a room, guys…


Aleksandar Brezar urged people to name the duo. Wrong answers only.


And a surprising number of people suggested Bert and Ernie, but also

Stadler and Waldorf


Beavis and Butthead


And Cheech and Chong


Can’t see it myself!


The pair discussed a EU coronavirus recovery fund and Macron said talks were “advancing”.


Finally this week: Unexpected item in the bagging area!


A tweet from American EU Dude sparked a fashion frenzy in the bubble, when he revealed what happens to the Berlaymont banners after they are taken down.


The old ones are getting chopped up and upcycled into bags. 

Looks like he got part of the R in #TeamJuncker? #TotesAdorb – A dude can dream.


Sam Morgan got quite excited about the “bag for life’s” circular economy synergies.


MEP Assistant is prepared to fork out cold hard cash


And Neil Munro thought it would be the perfect gift for a Brexiteer – but only tell them what its history is after they’ve been carrying it around proudly for a year!


That’s it for this week’s silliness, join me again next Friday for more bagging, bragging and tongue wagging in the Brussels bubble twittersphere.

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