Tweets of the Week: Veggie Burgers, Supermarket Aisles, Pope Statements

Veggie burger debate makes us lose hope, French minister is a bit of a dope, and a big change of heart by the Pope.

“I think that a sausage should be a sausage,” said Danish MEP Pernille Weiss in the European Parliament on Tuesday.

The contorted machinations of policy that led to this unremarkable statement beggar belief.

There’s a pandemic going on, climate change continues unabated and Brexit teeters on the brink, but the European Parliament is preparing to on vote on whether veggie burgers can still be called burgers or must be rebranded ‘veggie discs’ and veggie sausages as ‘veggie tubes’.

Welcome to 2020!

Martini Seltzermayr was so moved he resorted to “poetry”

Veggie branding is in for a stoppage

As an idea of distinctly low wattage

Means it’s only a burger

If it involves murder – 

And otherwise it’ll be not a sausage 

This burger argument is getting out of control, tweeted Jack Parrock.  Showing this advert at Schuman metro station in Brussels: “Ceci n’est pas un burger.”

Which is clever, I’ll admit, but it does still look an awful lot like a burger!

If the argument “customers are being deceived by the label veggie-burger” seriously wins in the EU-parliament, I’m going to lose my mind said one account,

While Ville Cantell channelled Bon Jovi saying it’s this kind of ridiculous stuff that gives the EU a bad name.

Meanwhile in more food-related news…

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin told news channel BFMTV he is “shocked” by international food aisles in French supermarkets.

Apparently because they stoke separatism.

But Katy Lee says she now can’t stop thinking about him crying next to the soy sauce.

That overpriced bottle of HP sauce in the ethnic food aisle of Franprix is a threat to the Fifth Republic, joked Damon Wake

Could you leave my hummus out of all this? Begged Ian Brossat

And in Le Chou headlines: French Interior Minister Seen Fighting Taco In Supermarket Aisle

Finally this week, Pope Francis called for civil union laws for same-sex couples, in a break with church doctrine on Wednesday.

Pope Francis’ opening to homosexuality is one of the most historical changes I’ve witnessed in my life, said Alberto Alemanno

Tweet of God pointed out that  in the Bible Jesus specifically says absolutely nothing against homosexuality.

The pope is more progressive than half a dozen EU countries added Diego Velazque

And MEP Assistants reckon *Poland and Hungary have left the chat*

Join me again next Friday for more highlights and food fights from the Brussels Bubble Twittersphere.

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