Tweets of the week: Metsola&Macron, Berlusconi and the Sheriff


This week Maltese MEP Roberta Metsola had a long-expected, but pretty impressive birthday present as she was elected President of the European Parliament until 2024

Macron presented the programme of France’s six-month EU Council presidency in Strasbourg, but it quickly turned into a sparring match with the French opposition, reported Mathieu Pollet


And journalists then walked out of the Macron – Metsola press conference which will take no questions from the media.


Talking about the need to strengthen democracy in the Union for about two hours to then refuse to answer questions from journalists. Brilliant! said a very sarcastic Beatriz Rios.


Perhaps we need a re-cap on what a press conference actually means!


Elsewhere, like many of us, DG Meme is not ready for a fourth wave of #Berlusconi.


Italy’s Bunga Bunga leader returns once again, throwing his hat in the ring for the country’s Presidency resulting in a LOT of raised eyebrows around Europe.


But if Boris Johnson is kicked out of Number 10, Berlusconi in the Quirinale is needed to restore the world’s clown karma balance, joked Leonardo Carella.


That said a surprising number of people lined up to support Berlusconi. Including League Party leader Matteo Salvini.


And Manfred Weber…

Michiel van Hulten thinks Weber might need a reminder of  Berlusconi’s history of run-ins with and political escapes from the law. 


EU Voting ERROR Ends Up Appointing Silvio Berlusconi President Of The European Parliament, snarked Le Chou.

Finally this week. Commissioner Thierry Breton fancies himself the tamer of the digital “Wild West”, proclaiming a new sheriff is in town — and it goes by the name DSA.


I’ve been waiting 13 years for the Commission to produce something like this, enthused Laura Shields.


Terence Zakka thinks it is a case of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. 


Adam Collingwood thought stealing Sergio Leone’s intellectual property wasn’t quite the way to go about fighting illegal stuff online.




But Thomas Jorgensen pointed out that Clint Eastwood is the criminal, not the sheriff in that movie…  and suggests the classic Wyatt Earp instead.



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