Who is lobbying for lobbyists?

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Lobbying has become an integral part of the policy-making process, allowing for the engagement of all kinds of stakeholders, from businesses to think tanks, to civil society. To ensure that no group gains an unfair advantage over the others, it is crucial that consultations are carried out in full transparency.

The majority of the estimated 15,000 lobbyists in Brussels support mandatory disclosure of information. The business world too continuously reiterates its commitment to transparency, which will also allow for more inclusive consultation and a level playing field.

EURACTIV organised a stakeholder workshop to discuss the importance of stakeholder inclusivity and accessibility of policy-makers to achieve balanced policies. Questions discussed included:

  • Do the existing tools at the EU level, such as the Transparency Register, need to be improved?
  • How can transparency help stakeholders in creating a level playing field for their access to policy-makers?
  • How can proportionate and evidence-based regulation help enhance transparent and inclusive consultations?

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