As Baron Jacobs departs, Dr. Jurgen Strube starts as new President of UNICE

Dr. Jurgen Strube, Chairman of BASF’s
Supervisory Board, has become the new President of UNICE as of
1st July 2003.

After 5 years at the helm of European employers’ federation
UNICE, Baron George Jacobs steps down to make room for Dr.
Strube, who promises to carry on with key policy
objectives. Baron Jacobs piloted the organisation through
the Maastricht Treaty, the introduction of the Euro,
enlargement and the Convention on the EU Constitution. At a
press conference on 30 June 2003 announcing his
appointment, Dr. Strube spelled out his priorities for the
years ahead. Citing Lisbon’s “competitiveness” objective as
that of UNICE, he emphasised that the organisation would
focus on continued benchmarking, supporting innovation, a
better climate for entrepreneurship, flexible labour
markets, completing the internal market, focusing on better
regulation, and continued participation in the Trans
Atlantic Business Dialogue preparing the WTO meetings in


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