Barroso son gets job with Bank of Portugal ‘without competition’


Luís Durão Barroso, son of Commission President is José Manuel Durão Barroso, has landed a top job at the struggling Bank of Portugal without competition, the Portuguese press writes.

Reportedly, the 31-year old formally was taken on without having to suffer the stress of an interview, as no other candidates were sought by Portugal’s struggling central bank.

Young Barroso officially will join the staff of the Bank of Portugal in the Department of Prudential Supervision, under a ‘contract without competition’ as he had ‘proven competence’.

Luís Barroso has a law degree, and a master’s degree from the London School of Economics, and has completed two internships in law firms.

The daily Jornal de Negócios writes that the father “didn’t put a finger” in the appointment of young Barroso.

A commentator is quoted as saying that José Manuel Barroso is the “most cautious person on earth” and that he should be “sweating with worry” why this happens to him at the time when he is about to leave the Commission, as “if he has ambitions in Portugal, he would not be interested in complications of this kind”.

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