EURACTIV: 4 new websites

EURACTIV’s redesigned websites designed with all device types in mind.

EURACTIV’s redesigned websites designed with all device types in mind.

EURACTIV is proud to announce the introduction of four new EURACTIV websites today. After months of preparation, involving some of you in our beta testing, EURACTIV has switched on the redesigned websites of,,, and the recently added

Built with our reader in mind, the new look websites bring an Open EURACTIV with a fresh contemporary look.

What’s new?

Redesigned to meet today’s web accessibility standards, we want to provide you with a better reading and viewing experience, irrespective of the device you are using.

Fit for multimedia content

The new websites give more space for photos, videos and infographics, reflecting EURACTIV’s growing focus on multimedia and data visualisation.

Blogs are now better integrated into the main publishing platform, featuring the best BlogActiv writers on EURACTIV’s pages.

Better engagement

We want to make our coverage of EU news and policy debates compelling for you. The new sites are better equipped to comment, share and discover news articles, Special Reports, LinksDossiers, interviews, videos, blogs and infographics that are key to your daily work.

We speak your language

Writing in 12 EU languages, the EURACTIV Network addresses 80% of its readers in their own mother tongue. Languages are more closely integrated in the redesigned websites, with better interlinking between English, German and French.

You can find our coverage in EURACTIV’s nine other working languages through the interactive map in the header, or with a direct link to the respective homepages in the top right of every page.

Sign up today – Free of charge

The EURACTIV single sign-on registration – ‘Login / Register’ at the top right – allows you to access a wide variety of EURACTIV services. Today, it already allows you to submit comments and set up your BlogActiv blog.

All our content and email newsletters will remain 100% free of charge, thanks to EURACTIV’s supporters credited in full transparency on our pages and newsletters.

If have not yet signed up for our 70+ daily, weekly and/or section specific newsletters, then now is a good moment to do so!

These newsletters are not just translated, but localised in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Bulgarian, Czech, Greek, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak and Turkish. You can update your EURACTIV newsletter preferences at any moment through the links at the bottom of the newsletters that we send you.

The ‘Open EURACTIV’ behind the websites

EURACTIV communicated its ‘Open’ values (Open Access, Open Debates, Open Border, Open Minds & Open Data) earlier this year here.

European integration not a question mark

For EURACTIV, European integration is not a question mark, but a reality. Fondation EURACTIV, standing for the EURACTIV Network’s values, reinforces its advisory council and has gained an impressive new secretary general.

Diogo Pinto, the outgoing secretary general of the European Movement International, will become Fondation EURACTIV’s secretary general as from July 1st 2015. Pinto takes over from Julian Oliver, who steered Fondation EURACTIV since its launch in 2004, and remains on its board.

EURACTIV partners with mainstream media

Europeans are craving new information about what is happening within the EU. Sharing content across borders has become part of our daily news consumption. EURACTIV has internalised this concept from the very start, and is further expanding its outreach.

Earlier this year we announced that Germany’s Tagesspiegel and France’s La Tribune had entered into partnership with EURACTIV, joining a list other prestigious media organisations, including The Guardian. And yesterday we announced that EFE, the leading Spanish news agency, has joined the list of 10 national media with which EURACTIV exchanges content on a regular basis.

Thank you for your feedback

We are very grateful for the comments we received during the beta testing of the new sites. Of course we cannot please everyone, but we hope that over time, all our readers will appreciate the changes we have made.

We continue to ask for your feedback. This launch today is not the end of the journey. It is just the beginning of a new one, that has much more in stock for you in the months and years ahead.

Yours truly,


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