Euro business lobby-group changes name

UNICE, the Confederation of European Business, changed its name to BusinessEurope on 23 January 2007. The moniker modification, according to the group, also heralds its shift to a more optimistic approach, with calls for ‘more Europe’. 

The business lobby’s website said that the aim of the name-change was “[to indicate] clearly that we act on behalf of enterprises and that we do so in order to help build Europe”.

BusinessEurope President Ernest-Antoine Seillière said that the name change reflected the organisation’s aims of  “actively promoting the role of enterprises in Europe, advocating a competitive business environment and promoting itself as recognised social partner in the European Social Dialogue”. 

“BusinessEurope is the voice of business for building the future of Europe,” he added.

The lobby’s six priorities for Europe, as detailed on its website, are as follows:

  • Implement the reforms for growth and jobs;
  • integrate the European market;
  • govern the EU efficiently;
  • fight national protectionism;
  • take advantage of the opportunities of enlargement, and;
  • reform European social systems to make them sustainable. 

In addition Seillière, speaking to Europolitics, said that he had “always been embarassed by the name UNICE, which…made one think of the UN Children’s Fund UNICEF and always needed an explanation except for those in the know”.


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