Political parties top corruption perception chart

Three quarters of citizens surveyed globally said they view political parties as being the most corrupt group in society, according to Transparency International’s 2005 Global Corruption Barometer.

A majority of citizens questioned by Transparency International in 48 countries out of 69 said they are convinced corruption has increased over the last three years. Poor households in Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America, are those suffering the most from a bribe culture, with “a relatively high proportion of families” in these countries having reported paying a bribe in the past twelve months. 

In Europe, between 11% and 30% of respondents in the Czech Republic, Greece, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine said they had paid a bribe in the past twelve months. The figure lay between 5% and 10% in Luxembourg, Poland, Turkey and Macedonia while it was below 5% for citizens in the rest of Europe. 

Strikingly, three quarters of all respondents in every country globally said they believed political parties are the most corrupt group of society. In the EU, citizens from France, Italy and Greece are the most sceptical about the integrity of their political parties. In other member states, such as Denmark or the Netherlands, citizens show more concern about the business sector and the media. Central and Eastern European countries, such as Romania, Bulgaria or Ukraine regard customs officials as the most corrupt sector.

The survey found that respondents in Kosovo, Ukraine and Romania are the most optimistic, with at least one third believing that the situation in their countries will improve.

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