Youth policy to be highlighted in upcoming White Paper

European youth ministers endorse EU plan to publish a comprehensive White Paper on youth policy in November 2001

The European Youth Forum welcomed the Commissioner Reding's announcement to give the go ahead to a far-reaching White Paper on youth policy.

European youth ministers unanimously voiced their political support to publish a comprehensive and ambitious White Paper on EU youth policy in the autumn 2001. The move came after considerable pressure from youth organisations across the EU (See EURACTIV 25 May).


The Commission wanted to go beyond current youth programmes and develop a genuine co-operation policy for future decades. Over the past year the Commission has debated future youth policy with young people, researchers, politicians and youth organisations. These extensive consultations have served as a preparation for the upcoming White Paper.

Ministers gave the Commission some indications on the possible content of the upcoming White Paper. Some ministers highlighted the need to define a coherent framework for youth policy at a European level, while others mentioned the necessity of having an open method of co-ordination and the use of the "rolling agenda".

President of the Commission, Romano Prodi also publicly endorsed the forthcoming White Paper at the Youth Convention on Volunteering on 28 May 2001.


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