EU Security and Defence policy – the first five years (1999-2004)

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With contributions from journalists, industrialists,
parliamentarians, experts, senior officials of the Union, this
important work from the Institute for Security Studies, delivers a
comprehensive stocktaking of past achievements and future
challenges for the European Security and Defence Policy.

Since the Cologne European Council of June 1999, the Union has
been implementing a European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP)
under the aegis of Javier Solana, High Representative for CFSP and
future EU Minister for Foreign Affairs.
Just what is ESDP? What are the ambitions of the Union in security
and defence matters? What has been accomplished in the last five
years? What are the different sensitivities of the 25 member states
regarding the future of European defence? How should relations be
developed with NATO and the United States? What effect will the
constitutional Treaty have on the evolution of the Union’s
international role? These questions form the basis of this
collective work by the European Union Institute for Security
Studies. The analysis gives an exhaustive critical assessment
of the assets and achievements of the Union during the course of
the first five years of ESDP (1999-2004). The book is comprised of
two parts:
The first, written by the Institute’s research fellows, analyses
the different aspects of ESDP since its creation and highlights
possible prospects. 
The second part consists of the views of various personalities who
were the actors and privileged witnesses to ESDP over the last five
years – journalists, industrialists, parliamentarians, experts,
senior officials of the Union.

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