CTO: The Real Green Gold

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The incorrect classification of Crude Tall Oil as a residue is a serious threat to the European pine chemical industry. By adopting the ILUC Directive with CTO included in Annex IX, EU decision makers are pulling away the carpet under the feet of an innovative biobased chemical sector. Ultimately the incorrect classification of CTO could lead to significant economic and environmental losses for Europe.

Crude Tall Oil (CTO) is a scarce and valuable product, intentionally extracted and produced from soap in the kraft pulping process which sets natural limits to the volumes available for biobased chemical industries using it. This means that the raw material should be utilised in the most resource efficient and responsible way.

In a time when Europe, more than ever, needs to focus on creating jobs and growth, the EU law makers are unfortunately, on the basis of misinformation, allowing Member States to give special financial support for CTO to be used in biofuel production. This is killing innovation, not promoting it.

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