Endocrine disruption: the view of the chemical industry

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Endocrine disruption is an important issue of significant public, political and scientific interest. Even though it can give rise to a very emotional debate, policymakers and authorities should deal with endocrine disruptive substances, as with all chemical substances, via a science- and risk-based regulation. Whether a chemical substance can and will cause harm is a fundamental distinction for both authorities and industry in order to effectively protect people and the environment.

The current EU regulatory framework addresses endocrine disruptors in a number of legal instruments, such as REACH, the Water Framework Directive, the Biocides Directive and the Pesticides Regulation. The Commission is currently developing criteria for the identification of such ED-substances that require regulatory action. During a public consultation, which ended on 16 January 2015, interested citizens, institutions and stakeholders could give their input. The EU Commission is now analysing the input received and will publish a report in the first half of this year.

Learn more at: http://www.cefic.org/Policy-Centre/Environment–health/Endocrine-Disruption-Modulators/

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