Barnier advocates new EU-US cooperation Treaty

French Foreign Affairs Minister Michel Barnier wants Europe to become a world power on an equal footing with the US. He suggests a new Treaty to define security co-operation.

Michel Barnier French Foreign Affairs Minister says that the
relations with the US must be reorganised to better manage
disagreements and that this could achieved through a treaty. "Since
the end of the cold war, the transatlantic alliance is no longer a
necessity, it is a choice (...) A treaty could seal this renovated
union," he was quoted as saying in le Figaro. The idea of a
transatlantic treaty was first floated by former Prime minister
Alain Juppé ten years ago. Barnier believes that the idea has not
lost relevance in the last years, rather the contrary.

In a speech to the ministry's think tank (Centre d'Analyse et de
Prévision), the former Regional Policy Commissioner has set out
five priorities for diplomatic reflexion for the coming years:

  • giving the means to Europe to take up global challenges
  • revitalising Transatlantic relations
  • setting up a Euro-mediterannean Community, once the
    Israelo-palestinian conflict has been resolved
  • reinforcing multilateral institutions and giving emerging
    countries such as China, India, Mexico Brazil and South Africa the
    rank they deserve
  • making globalisation fairer

Barnier sees Europe as a link between these priorities. "Europe
is today the only answer in accordance with our interests," he
said. To allow Europe to be an on an equal footing with the US, he
says Europe must be a strong, autonomous and reliable partner. In
his view, Europe is meant to become a world power that does not
exclude the use of force. This presupposes common action from the
EU-25 and an end to divisions.


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