Brussels in mourning after Paris killings

Silent vigil for Charlie Hebdo massacre. Place du Luxembourg, 7 January. [Joel Schalit]

Following the killing of twelve journalists at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris on Wednesday, mourners congregated at two separate vigils in central Brussels.

The first vigil took place in front of the French consulate, on Boulevard du Régent, starting at 6PM. A second vigil began at 7PM, at Place du Luxembourg, opposite the European Parliament.

At the invitation of a friend, I attended both vigils. Camera in my backpack, I photographed both events.

Mourner at Hebdo vigil. French consulate, Brussels, 7 January.

It was a solemn occasion, as one would imagine. There wasn’t anything especially nationalist about it.

Downcast eyes. French consulate, Brussels, 7 January.

The event might has well have been commemorating something far more personal. Still, it was hard to miss the tricoleur flying at half-mast, behind this mourner.

Entrance to the European Parliamentarium. Brussels, 8 January.

Thursday’s commemorative event, in front of the European Parliament, was decidedly less photogenic. However, on my way back to the office, the Parliamentarium billboard, was a surprise.
Half-mast. European Commission, Berlaymont, 8 January

Returning to the EURACTIV office, flags were noticeably at half-mast, in front of the Commission. A landscaper was trimming the bushes, below.

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