Commission adopts new measures to protect ports from terrorist attacks

The Commission has presented a new proposal for a directive to improve security at ports in the EU.

The Commission adopted a proposal on port security to protect
ports from terrorists on 10 February 2004. The Commission argues
that terrorist attacks on ports can result in great harm for people
and easily trigger severe knock-on effects for the economy.

The new proposal provides for each port to have a port security
officer and for the definition of port security plans. Regular
assessments of port security will help in determining precisely the
measures to be taken to ensure optimum security.

The draft directive complements another proposal on the security
of ships and port installations adopted in May 2003, which only
addresses security at the part of a port constituting the port/ship
interface. Both draft directives are based on measures decided at
the international level in the framework of the International
Maritime Organisation in December 2002.


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