Commission seeks to boost security research

The Commission seeks to boost security research through its ongoing Preparatory Action, Commissioner Erkki Liikanen has said.

While security issues top the political agendas across the
globe, the EU still lacks a coherent approach to security-related
research, Enterprise and Information Society Commissioner Erkki
Liikanen has told the Parliament's Sky and Space Intergroup. He
pointed out that, as things stand, the EU Member States'
defence-related investment budget is only 50 per cent of that of
the US but that they have 20 per cent [ie not 50 per cent] of the
US's capabilities.

Mr Liikanen said that in absence of a single
European market for defence products, the Member States cannot but
maintain national controls over security-related research. This, he
said, runs counter to the main objectives of the EU's Common
Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP).

The Commission's Preparatory Action on security
research, which has a budget of 15 million euro for 2004,
identifies five priorities for the first phase of development. It
seeks to

  • improve situation awareness in the Member States
  • optimise security and protection of networked systems
  • provide protection against terrorism
  • enhance crisis management
  • achieve interoperability and integrated information and
    communication systems

Mr Liikanen said the Preparatory Action is
needed in the development of a long-term vision and a common
Strategic Research Agenda in this area.


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