Commission stresses relevance of European law in civil matters

The European Commission and the Council of the Bars and Law
Societies of the European Union have launched an information
campaign targeted at Europe’s legal practitioners.

Legal practitioners find themselves increasingly faced with
cross-border cases, where problems arise with, for example,
cross-border deliveries or questions related to the ownership of
property and real estate in other Member States. In the area of
family law, multi-national personal relationships and the legal
questions arising from cross-border family and parental
responsibility cases have become almost daily occurrences. Lawyers
are therefore recurringly faced with problems and legal questions
that are governed by European law.

To make sure that legal practitioners around Europe stay
informed on the activities that take place in the field of European
civil law, the European Commission has undertaken a pan-European
information campaign aimed at legal practitioners who are unaware
of the relevance of European law in civil matters.

"It is essential that legal practitioners are aware of the
important developments that have taken place in the field of
judicial cooperation in civil matters over the last few years and
that is why the European Commission has decided to launch a
communication campaign to provide concise and easily accessible
information on these important developments", explained Mr.
Francisco Fonseca from DG Justice & Home Affairs.

Jonathan Goldsmith, Secretary General of the Council of the Bars
and Law Societies of the European Union says: "These tools should
enable legal practitioners to have a complete understanding of the
issues at hand in order to service their clients effectively".


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