Commission wants the EU database of ‘wanted persons’ to include biometrics

According to the latest Commission’s Communication on the second generation Schengen information system (the so-called ‘SIS II’) , the extended version of the existing Schengen database should include biometrics.

The second generation Schengen information system (SIS II) will be a new version of the existing Schengen database, extending its use to the accession countries and enabling the addition of new functions. The current Schengen information system is only able to deal with 18 states at most. It consists of national databases of 'wanted persons' in each EU country, with the central data base managed by the French administration in Strasbourg.

On 11 December, the Commission adopted a Communication on the future of SIS II.

The Commission recommends:

  • storing biometric data, such as digital photographs and fingerprints, on SIS II;
  • setting up an agency to manage the system;
  • integrating SIS II into the same technical architecture as the future Visa Information System (VIS) while keeping the two sets of data separate.

Twenty-eight million euro are to be allocated from the EU budget to develop SIS II.


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