EP calls for greater Europeanisation of defence industries

The European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee adopted a draft resolution calling for a greater synergy between national and multi-national defence projects in Europe.

The draft resolution notes the EU’s deficiencies in the field of military intelligence and logistics, as well as the lack of the defence spending compared to the US.

The draft resolution:

  • says that a strong and efficient European armaments industry, supported by public policy, is vital to the development of the ESDP;
  • calls upon the Commission to develop an updated Action Plan to improve the application of single market legislation to the defence industries and to facilitate the establishment of transnational companies;
  • urges the Member States to place greater priority on the creation of a European Armament Agency;
  • says that an efficient application of the Code of Conduct on arms exports should be considered an integrated part of European armaments industrial policy, and should come under the competence of the Community and be made legally binding.


The European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee wants to play a bigger role in the area of European security and defence policy (ESDP). The committee chairman, Elmar Brok, emphasised that "parliamentary scrutiny of the European Security and Defence Policy is a priority of the European Parliament".


The draft resolution will be put to the vote at the February plenary session in Brussels, or at the latest in March.


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