EU earmarks €15 million for security research

The Commission has announced a funding package for research into new transport security and border surveillance systems.

The funds will be allocated to projects for the development of new technologies to boost security against terrorist attacks throughout Europe. The €15 million starting figure is set to rise to €250 million per year from 2007, under the proposals announced on 2 August 2005.

As has tragically been seen recently,  public transport systems are particularly vulnerable to explosives, but also potentially to chemical or biological attacks. One of the projects, therefore, will be a transport infrastructures protection system (TRIPS) which will use sensors, automatic cameras and ground penetrating radars to detect all such threats on mainline and metro railways.

Twelve other projects, selected under the preparatory action for security research project, (part of the FP7 research programme -see Linksdossier) will receive funding, including:

  • border surveillance systems, including harbours and coastlines;
  • security of computer networks;
  • complete air transport security;
  • use of unmanned aerial vehicles for surveillance.

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