EU freezes terrorist funds

The European Commission proposed a regulation on
2 October that EU Member States freeze all funds held by
organisations and individuals suspected of supporting and
financing terrorist activities.

The proposed regulation will prevent circumvention of
different national measures in this area. It contains a
preliminary list of 27 Islamic organisations and
individuals potentially involved in the 11 September
attacks in the US. The Commission said this list might
later be extended to others as the EU develops its campaign
against terrorism.

The list includes Osama Bin Laden and
his Al-Qaida terrorist support group. Demands have appeared
that the list should include European terrorist
organisations such as the IRA and ETA.

The adoption of the regulation depends
on the European Parliament (EP) whose opinion is necessary.
The Commission expressed its hope that the parliament “will
give its opinion with the utmost urgency, enabling the
Council of Ministers to adopt this legislation as soon as
next week”. The regulation is expected to be passed by the
EU foreign ministers on Monday, 8 October.

The EP’s Citizens’ Freedoms and Rights,
Justice and Home Affairs Committee is holding an emergency
meeting to recommend to the European Parliament’s plenary
session to support the new counter-terrorism measures.


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