Europe commemorates the first anniversary of 11 September

European countries are on high alert against
possible terrorist attacks as they remember the first
anniversary of 11 September terrorist attacks in New York and

In a joint Declaration on 11 September 2002, the Heads of
State and Government of the European Union, the President
of the European Parliament, the President of the European
Commission, and the High Representative for the Common
Foreign and Security Policy stated: "11 September reminded
all of us that security and democracy can never be taken
for granted but must be defended actively and ceaselessly.
It also made clear that the scourge of terrorism, in itself
a denial of common democratic values and principles, must
continue to be met through steadfast international
cooperation. Those who perpetrate and sponsor terrorist
acts will be brought to justice and punished."

The Russian President Vladimir Putin
called US President George W. Bush on 11 September to
express his country's condolences and the support for the

European countries took extra security
measures on 11 September to protect possible terrorist
targets, especially airports, government buildings,
financial centres, national landmarks and US embassies.


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