Interview news: Jonathan Faull promotes the ‘Community method’ in JHA

In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV, Jonathan Faull European Commission Director General for Justice and Home Affairs sets out his views on the future of JHA.

Jonathan Faull is Director-General for Justice and
Home Affairs at the European Commission. Read the
full interview.

Asked about what a ‘core Europe’ would mean in Justice and Home
Affairs, Jonathan Faull is quick to point out that “Europe has
always progressed at different speeds”. He is not afraid of a
multi-speed Europe but explains that “the accommodation of
diversity between Member States should take place within the EU’s
institutional framework. This applies to JHA issues as well”.

The former Commission’s chief spokesman expresses his
satisfaction that the Schengen co-operation, which he hails as “one
of Europe’s great successes”, is now dealt with through the
Community method. Mr Faull doubts that the meetings of the ‘G5’
(Ministers of interiors of the five biggest EU countries) will lead
to enhanced co-operation. He notices that despite their informal
meetings, these countries “agree and disagree with each other no
less than they did before”.

Mr Faull praises the draft constitution as “a very good basis on
which to build Justice and Home Affairs” policies in an enlarged
Europe. For him, the new challenge is to ensure that people who
respect the law can take full advantage of their rights and
freedoms, while successfully fighting “against those who seek to
exploit the Union’s openness and diversity for criminal purposes”.
He admits, however, that recent policy developments have tended to
focus first and foremost on the security aspect of the Area of
Freedom, Security and Justice following the 11th September
terrorist attacks.

On immigration policies, Jonathan Faull announces that a new
Communication planned for April 2004 will explain how national
quotas for the entry of legal immigrants can help in the
negotiations to send illegal immigrants back to their countries of


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