Iran “will never end” nuclear programme

Iran’s foreign minister says
that Tehran will never fully dismantle its nuclear
capabilities, also voicing the country’s concerns about the
threat of a pre-emptive strike by Washington.

The Iranian announcement that it would never dismantle
its nuclear programme came on the heels of a deal with
the EU in which Tehran committed itself to suspending
uranium enrichment in order to avoid the UN’s
sanctions threat.

“Iran will never be prepared to completely
dismantle its nuclear programme,” said Seyev Hossein
Mousavian, Iran’s chief negotiator with the UN’s
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). “Iran is
prepared to give all assurances that uranium enrichment
activities will never be diverted [to develop weapons].
That’s why we should have the right for peaceful
nuclear technology and that this right should be
exercised with no discrimination. That’s why
dismantlement is out of the question,” he said.
Mousavian reiterated Iran’s commitment to the
non-proliferation treaty.

The US believes that Tehran is attempting to develop a
nuclear weapon and demands “proof” of the
country’s intentions. Mousavian, however, insists
that Washington has no right to make such claims.

Under a draft resolution submitted by Britain, France
and Germany, the IAEA should be able to monitor
Iran’s observance of its pledge not to enrich
uranium. However, Washington considers this to be too
weak. The US wants any eventual resumption of
enrichment-related activities by Iran to be automatically
referred to the UN Security Council for possible
sanctions. The IAEA’s board of directors is scheduled
to meet on 25 November.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi said that a
pre-emptive strike by the US was a cause for concern.
“I don’t think [a pre-emptive strike] helps
anyone, but it creates more crisis and more problems and
we have enough problems in the world,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Iranian parliament said that it would
push for a resumption of the country’s nuclear
programme if Iran comes under too much pressure at the
upcoming IAEA meeting.

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