Parliament adopts resolution on EU security and defence

The European Parliament adopted a resolution that supports the decisions to set up an EU police mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the first EU peace-keeping mission in Macedonia.

The Resolution on the present state of the European Security
and Defence Policy (ESDP) and EU-NATO relations welcomes the
progress made on the establishment of EU crisis management
structures and procedures, as well as the commitments by Member
States on military and civilian capabilities.

It says that the first attempt to reach an
agreement with Turkey has been made outside the EU decision-making
procedures, and expects that an overall EU-NATO agreement on the
use of NATO assets and capabilities will not undermine the
decision-making autonomy of the Union.

The Parliament urged the governments of Member
States to give absolute priority in their defence procurement to
fulfilling the requirements of the EU Rapid Reaction Force. The
Resolution underlines that strong, efficient and viable European
armament industry, including research and development capacities,
and an effective procurement policy are vital to the development of
the ESDP. They called on the Member States to create a European
Armament Agency.


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