Report reveals links between private security firms and organised crime in SE Europe

A new report says that private security companies often act as competitors to the police force in South East Europe.

While the private security industry is thriving all across South East Europe, some parts of this industry have become “strongly associated with organised criminal elements, as well as in some circumstances extreme nationalist politics”, says a report published by the British think-tank Saferworld. 

According to the report, which analyses the private security industries of eight SE European countries currently party to the EU’s Stability Pact for South East Europe (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania and Serbia-Montenegro including Kosovo), the situation is particularly critical in Serbia, where there is no direct legislation in force that addresses the private security market, and also in Bulgaria, Croatia and Kosovo, where private security companies often act as competitors to the police force.

The report includes country-specific as well as general recommendations to promote the safe and professional operation of private security companies in the region.

EU candidates Bulgaria and Romania have both encountered difficulties during their negotiations of the Justice and Home Affairs chapter.

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