Schröder wins confidence vote

The German government of Chancellor Gerhard Schröder won a confidence vote in the Bundestag on Friday, 16 November. The German Chancellor provoked the vote himself when several Green and some SPD parlamentarians threatened to oppose the government’s decision to deploy troops in support of the US-led war in Afghanistan.

The lower house of the German Parliament confirmed with 336
in favour and 326 against its confidence in Chancellor Schrý and
his SPD-Greens coalition.


Several influential Green leaders have warned against the no
vote and have underlined that the Greens could be out of power for
a whole generation if they were to be forced out of government.

Some commentators have speculated that the
German Chancellor actually wanted to get rid of his Green coalition
partner. If he would not have linked the deployment issue to a no
confidence vote, he would probably have received a majority via
extra yes votes from Christian Democrats or Liberals.


The decision of the German cabinet to deploy troops in
support of the war in Afghanistan led to a crisis in the
Social-Democrats-Greens government. Foreign Minister Joschka
Fischer even threatened his own Green party that he would resign if
his parliamentarians would vote against this deployment.


  • The cohesion in Schröder's government will have been seriously
    shaken by this issue. The Chancellor might face more difficulties
    when the German Green Party holds its party congress in Rostock on
    24-25 November as the Greens' grassroots might well oppose the the
    sending of troops to Afghanistan. Some political commentators think
    that it is just a matter of time before a new conflict will break
    up the red-green coalition.
  • New elections in Germany are normally foreseen for 22 September


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