The drums of war?

Over the weekend, the events in the US have concentrated on the American mourning process and the prospects of retaliation against Afghanistan. EURACTIV presents further analysis and comments on this issue.

Several events in the US over the weekend indicate that the government of George W. Bush could be ready to launch a war-like retaliation against the main country supporting Osama Bin Laden. The American government is seeking to build a coalition to start a long-term war against terrorism. The Pakistani government is expected to send an ultimatum to the Taliban in Afghanistan to hand over Bin Laden within 3 days or face a war with the US. Taliban leaders have reacted by threatening to start war with any neighbouring country giving support to an American attack.

Some European politicians have called for a thorough investigation and restraint and said NATO’s article 5 decision was not a “blank cheque”.

Others have raised the issues of our political freedoms. Could the fallout of this conflict lead to a less open society?


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