UN Security Council unanimously agrees to return UN weapons inspectors to Iraq

On 8 November the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a Resolution on Iraq giving the UN weapons inspectors “immediate, unimpeded and unconditional” rights to search anywhere for weapons.

The adoption came after French President Jacques Chirac and US President George W. Bush had on 7 November agreed on a draft UN Resolution aimed at disarming Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. Russian President Vladimir Putin had also added that the UN's latest draft resolution on Iraq was satisfactory. The Resolution:

  • states Iraq has to accept the terms of the Resolution in 7 days and within 30 days make an "accurate full and complete" declaration of its nuclear, chemical, biological and ballistic weapons;
  • UN weapons inspectors have to report serious violations by Iraq to the Security Council immediately, and the US keeps the right to denounce violations too;
  • recalls previous warnings of "serious consequences" in case of non-compliance;
  • does not demand the Council authorise the use of force;

Mr Mohammed Aldouri, Iraqi UN ambassador stated the main issue is "how the Americans would use that Resolution for their own purposes".


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