US asks EU for co-operation in fight against terrorism

The EU has made public a list of US requests for co-operation in their fight against international terrorism. Washington presented a list of 47 requests for co-operation with the EU, including intelligence sharing and freezing of terrorist assets.

EU officials reiterated their desire to collaborate closely with the US. They warned, however, that co-operation may not be possible in all areas due to the death penalty in the US. The EU may be unwilling to extradite suspected terrorists to the US because the death penalty is outlawed in the Union.

The United States have asked the EU to stop discrimination against their extradition requests for suspects arrested in Europe. Several members of the al-Qaida terrorist network may be at large in Europe and may be able to fight extradition requests by the US.

The US has also asked the EU to pressure Cyprus and Malta to stop their shipments of sensitive goods to states accused of backing terrorism or seeking weapons of mass destruction, according to Reuters. There are also concerns about reported Bulgarian supplies of arms and missile parts to some countries.


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