We’re reaching out to Europe, says Powell

Before meeting with his NATO counterparts on 9 December,
outgoing US Secretary of State Colin Powell has
called on the EU and US to heal their divisions.

On what is set to be his last trip to Europe before stepping
down, US Secretary of State Colin Powell has struck a
conciliatory note. Before a meeting of NATO foreign ministers
on 9 December, he admitted that the Iraq war had created strains on
the transatlantic relationship, but he now appealed for both sides
to look forward:

“I know that some of the president’s key decisions these last
four years have been controversial in Europe, especially decisions
that were made about Iraq,” said Powell. “Whatever our differences
about the past and about Iraq, we are now looking forward. We’re
reaching out to Europe and we hope that Europe will reach out to
us,” he added.

In a statement, Powell spoke of healing the “remaining
breaches”, stressing that “there are so many areas in
which the United States is working in close collaboration and very
successfully with the Europeans”.

Powell is expected to appeal to his NATO colleagues for futher
assistance in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, France
in particular has resisted NATO involvement in

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