The EU Constitution and asylum – beyond the myths

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In this paper, Brendan Donnelly argues that there is a strong case
for a co-ordinated European approach to asylum legislation and that
the EU Constitution is positively contributing to this objective.

Introduction  (taken directly from the

Given the wide range of political and institutional questions
covered in the European Constitutional Treaty, it is difficult
entirely to foresee the nature of the public debate during the
British referendum on the Treaty. But one topic seems even now, two
years before the probable date of the referendum, likely to be an
issue on which the outcome of the referendum may turn. It is that
of asylum policy, an area in which the European dimension has
gained in salience over recent years. This paper attempts to
dissipate widespread misconceptions by arguing that there is a
strong case for a European co-ordinated approach with regard to
asylum legislation and practices, and that the Constitution is
positively contributing to this Europeanisation by introducing more
ambitious objectives and a new decision making system in this

This European Policy Brief by
the Federal Trust was written
by Brendan DonnellyClick here  to access the text.

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