A not so ‘dolce vita’ for Romans

The tourist's romantic image of Rome is clearly not a reality that is lived by most Romans, according to a recent survey. [Vin100_B/Flickr]

Romans are the least satisfied with their quality of life according to a recent survey that focused on the inhabitants of EU capitals. EURACTIV Italy reports.

A Eurobarometer survey carried out between May and June 2015 questioned 40,000 people in 79 European cities, with an emphasis on capital-dwellers. Rome did not fare well and was classed last among EU capitals.

Transport, cleanliness and administration were the areas in which inhabitants of the Eternal City were particularly unsatisfied, with only 30% responding positively when asked about public transport. This compares with 86% in London, 84% in Berlin, 79% in Paris and 72% in Athens.

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In terms of cleanliness, the Roman response was even more grim; 91% complained about the city’s hygiene, which, again, classed it last among EU capitals. Public administration came out of the survey badly as well, with only 27% of Rome’s citizens saying that it is efficient.

On the bright side, the city did slightly better in terms of healthcare, ranking 22nd out of 28 capitals with 47% of people satisfied. It ranked just above Bucharest (40%) and Athens was classed last, with just 33%. Additionally, Romans responded positiviely on the issue of retail shopping (82%).

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In terms of integration, the survey showed that 47% of people questioned thought that foreigners were integrated well into Roman society and from an environmental point of view, only 32% were happy with air quality.

In terms of Brussels, public satisfaction rose four points to 87% in comparison with 2012, although it stills ranks lower than it did in 2006, when 89% of its inhabitants replied positively.

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